Saturday, December 19, 2009

Couple of Youtube links of Sindhoora performing Indian Classical music and dance

Here are couple of You tube links of Sindhoora performing Indian Classical music and dance.

First one is a dance from Sindhoora's debut performance of Indian Classical dance called Bharata nAtyam. Here she is performing a song from Sri Purandara dAsa.

There are couple of other dances from Sindhoora's performance at

Second one is Sindhoora singing during Sri Thyagaraja and Sri Purandara dAsa music festival at Sri Siva VishNu Temple in Lanham, MD in April 2008. She is singing a composition of Sri ThyAgaraja in Telugu.

Online Song from the CD HaridAsa nAda saurabha

Here is the link to the song from the CD.

The Song is called "innu daya bArade". The song is a devotional song in Kannada a South Indian Language, by a famous saint well known for his devotional compositions and music called
Sri Purandara dAsa.

In the song, the composer asks the Lord why the Lord does not show compassion on his devotee. The composer says that he has been born many times in many forms and he is struggling to overcome his ego. Finally , he has surrendered to the Lord.

In the second stanza, the composer says that all actions done by all are under the control of the Lord. He has surrendered his whole being to the Lord.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Information about the CD HaridAsa nAda saurabha

Album Information:

The Haridasa movement occupies an important place in the spiritual, cultural, and religious history of India. The Haridasas, who were the wandering minstrels of Karnataka as well as enlightened spiritual masters, composed, sang, and taught devotional songs. The devotional songs they composed described devotion to God, provided ethical guidelines for living, and served as social commentary. Haridasa lineage and movement continues today. Key members of this haridAsa lineage are Sripadarayaru, Sri Vyasa theertharu, Sri Vadi rajaru, Sri Purandara dasaru, Sri Kanaka dasaru, Sri Vijaya dasaru, Sri Gopala dasaru, Sri mahipathi dasaru, and Sri Jagannatha dasaru.

This album is dedicated to all the Haridasas that have enriched our lives with literature, music, and an easy to practice devotional path.

Kum.(Ms) Sindhoora Murthy learnt Carnatic music from guru Smt. Usha Char from the age of 5. She performed concerts solo and as part of the group "nAda surabhi" in US and India. This is her first recording. She is also an accomplished Bharata natyam style Indian classical dancer who has performed "Arangetram" or debut performance two years ago. She is 17 years old and will attend Johns Hopkins Unversity from the fall of 2009.

Smt. Usha Char is teaches music in the Washington DC area to many students with great devotion and love. She is an 'A' grade artist in All India Radio, Bangalore. Usha is the Artistic Director of Nadatarangini, a non-profit association dedicated to the propagation of Indian music in USA. She is also the Founder and Director of Nadopasana, School of Indian Classical Music.

CD Cover:

Details of the Songs in the CD:

1. Gajavadana beduve - Hamsadhvani - Adi Sri Purandara dAsaru

2. Ondu bAri smarane salade - poorvi kalyani - Adi - Sri vAdirajaru

3. Paalise ennanu sri mahalakshmi - desh - adi - Sri Purandara dAsaru

4. Smarane onde salade - malaya mArutha - Adi - Sri Purandara dAsaru

5. Innu daya baarade - kalyaaNa vasantha - khanda chapu - Sri Purandara dAsaru

6. Kandena govindana - chandra kouns- adi - Sri Purandara dAsaru

7. Irabeku haridAsara sanga - bahudari - Adi - Sri Purandara dAsaru

8. Yeradu ondagadu - saaveri - mishra chapu - Sri Purandara dAsaru

9. Sharanara surabhoja - Behag - Adi - Sri kamalesha viTTala dAsaru

10. Seepathiyu namage - Nata - Khanda chapu - Sri Purandara dAsaru

CD Title: Haridasa Na
da Saurabha

CD Credits:

Flute: M.K. Pranesh Sitar: Sumarani Violin: Charulatha Ramanujam Keyboard: Sangeeth Thomas Tabla: Madhusudhan, Jagadeesh Kurthkoti Mrudangam: B.C. Manjunath Rhythm Pad: G. Pramath Kiran
Recorded at Prabhat Studios Sound Engineer: Chetan

Music Direction: Guru Usha Char

Orchestration: Anoor Anantha Krishna Sharma

Availability of the CDs:
India: Bangalore: Madhava Murthy

Mysore: Narayana Murthy
Ph: 934-211-5700

US: Vasu Murthy
Ph: 301-838-5585

More Information about the album and availability at: